How To: Recognize Unsuitable Buyers

The house is finally sold, but there is no trace of the money: What sounds like a nightmare often corresponds to reality. In our video, we give you helpful tips on how to recognize unsuitable buyers at first glance and thus protect yourself from unpleasant surprises.

Prospective buyer badmouths your property

Finally, the time has come: The first viewing appointment takes place. After you have thought out an elaborate marketing strategy and lovingly prepared the property, count on an open-minded and attentive prospective buyer. But instead you meet a person who badmouths your house. This is not only disappointing, but also risky: In all likelihood, the prospective buyer is aiming for a substantial price reduction. You should refrain from such prospective buyers, as you can also expect conflicts in the further sales process and, in the worst case, you will sell your property for a below-average price.

Dubious proposals for settlement

Likewise, you should be alert if the prospective buyer promises you an unrealistically fast payment and urges a hurried purchase transaction. The notary appointment should preferably take place directly tomorrow? Don’t rush into anything. You should be sure to hand over your property to good hands at a fair price.

But caution is also advised at the other extreme. If the prospect waits a very long time for feedback and gets back to you at irregular intervals, you are in for a long and tedious sales process.

Unclear financial situation

Are you sure your buyer is solvent? Verbal promises are not enough. In any case, check the creditworthiness of the prospective buyer and ask for an official financing confirmation from the bank. This way you can see that the buyer is solvent and that you will actually receive your money.

Caution is better than indulgence

Don’t take any risks with your house sale and choose to work with a broker like us at WEISS IMMOBILIEN. Due to our many years of experience in Hamburg, we recognize unsuitable buyers immediately and thus protect you from unpleasant conflicts and legal disputes. Please feel free to arrange an initial consultation with us.

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