Discreet marketing

This is how we protect your privacy when selling real estate.

We protect your privacy.

Nowadays, real estate for sale is published with numerous photos and a lot of other information. Not every owner likes this approach.

If you prefer to sell your real estate in private, we at WEISS IMMOBILIEN can offer you the right solution. Thanks to discreet marketing, you do not disclose any personal information, but you can still be sure of serious prospective buyers and enjoy the highest level of discretion.

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Professional, transparent and discreet - our promise for your sales success.

Sell his property and thus publicly display a large part of his private life in the sale of real estate? Many owners dread the idea. The reasons can be as numerous as they are varied: divorce, an inheritance or a change of job. You may also not want neighbors, acquaintances or even tenants to know about the pending sale. Especially owners of exclusive properties are often concerned that neither price nor private rooms appear public. This includes property owners with name recognition.

In such cases, discreet marketing is the ideal solution for you as a seller. Your property will be presented exclusively to serious prospective buyers from our database. You can rely on our extensive expertise and market knowledge as experienced real estate agents in Hamburg and the surrounding area throughout the entire sales process.

It is often assumed that public marketing via online portals is more promising. However, you don’t have to worry about sales success if you choose to market discreetly. We are experienced real estate agents in Hamburg and the surrounding area who determine the fair market value of your property and have an extensive network, a diverse client base and valuable contacts in Hamburg. In addition to maintaining your privacy and protecting your personal data, discreet marketing offers the advantage that only seriously interested buyers will contact you. This saves unnecessary visits, a lot of time and effort. At the same time, you avoid a decline in value if the property remains for sale longer than planned.


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If you sell your property discreetly, this takes place in private. This means that we only show your property to selected prospective buyers from our database. Your property will therefore not be presented in newspapers, on real estate portals or in our shop window. We grant you the highest discretion as well as simultaneous transparency during the entire sales process and keep you informed about every step.

Discreet marketing is particularly suitable for properties from Hamburg in the luxury segment. If you do not want to appear directly as a seller, the discreet sale offers you the opportunity to successfully sell your property without the attention of the public. This will protect your premises from the view of sightseers and prevent unannounced visitors. Even if you are getting divorced, have inherited a property or are about to change jobs, you will benefit from discreet marketing. Your acquaintances and neighbors will therefore not find out about your personal situation immediately and you can plan your new phase of life in peace.

If you market discreetly, fewer prospective buyers will naturally see your property. Due to the limited circle, however, an attractive and convincing real estate presentation is all the more important in order to inspire interested parties in a target-oriented manner from the very first moment. We create appealing exposés with high-quality photos and let your property shine in the best light.

The appearance that your sales chances are lower due to the smaller circle of interested parties is deceptive. While you are not addressing the broad masses on major real estate portals – rest assured that our network consists of serious prospective buyers and a diverse customer base, among whom there is a high probability that a suitable buyer is waiting for your property. Due to our targeted selection of potential buyers, only a few viewings take place, but among them are particularly qualified prospective buyers. This gives you a good chance of selling your property to a confidential buyer in a short time and at a reasonable price. Are you interested or do you have any questions about discreet marketing? With pleasure our team from experienced brokers is to you at the disposal and accompanies you step by step with your sale. In doing so, we always act professionally, transparently and discreetly. As a customer, you therefore benefit from our own high quality standards and comprehensive advice.