Tips that will instantly upgrade your interior for a sale

When selling real estate, first impressions count, and it's not just about tidiness and cleanliness. Your interior design should also be convincing. Because with harmonious furniture you create a feel-good atmosphere and increase the chances of selling within a short time and at a good price. The upgrade is also particularly worthwhile if you want to sell parts of your furnishings along with it.

Help wooden furniture to shine again

If there are stains or scratches on your wooden furniture, you can usually touch them up easily with a wood polish. However, if the paint is peeling off, you should completely remove the old layer, clean the surface from dust and dirt and apply a new coat. Then polish the cabinet or shelf. For colored furniture, simply paint the wood with acrylic paint after sanding.

Upgrade your upholstered furniture

After a certain time, many sofas show signs of use, such as stains or cracks. With a new cover, you will instantly upgrade your couch. In specialized stores you can find a wide range of upholstery fabrics in different colors, patterns and materials. If you want it to be a little faster, you can already achieve a fresh look with new pillows.

Tops for sideboards and dressers

Panels made of glass, stone or wood will instantly beautify your sideboards and dressers. Often you can find suitable panels in furniture stores, otherwise hardware stores offer a cutting service. Simply have it made in the right size, put it on – done!

Small changes with a big effect

Even with small means you can achieve a great effect. For example, change the handles of your chests of drawers or cabinets and install LED strips that will literally make shelves shine in a new light. You can also set the stage for your kitchen with new wall tiles. Furniture and home improvement stores offer a wide range of tile films that are easy to apply.

How to convince potential buyers

There are numerous ways to enhance your facility before you sell it. But most often it is not only about the furniture as such. The environment in which they are located also plays an important role. Here, a renovation is worthwhile, where you can convince prospective buyers at first sight with a new floor or a fresh coat of paint. We will be happy to advise you on value-enhancing measures and reliably assist you with all questions relating to your sale. Please feel free to write us a message or give us a call.

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