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First impressions are what count.
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There is no second chance for the first impression.

An exposé must immediately convince the potential buyer. Professional real estate photography is therefore only one of the many services we offer you during the preparation of the exposé and during the real estate sale. From the compilation of meaningful data to the target group-oriented text creation to virtual video tours, we are in the best position to ensure that your property in Hamburg, Croatia or Spain makes a good first impression on prospective buyers.

An exposé of WEISS IMMOBILIEN contains:

Boundless service from the Alster to the Mediterranean.

Whether your property is located in Hamburg, Croatia or Spain, as an experienced and well-connected real estate agent, we ensure a high-quality exposé in each of our areas of activity.

As with the entire sales process, this step is completely stress-free for you. We collect all necessary documents as well as official data, book photographers and use our professional equipment to present your house or apartment in a meaningful way. We focus on a customer-oriented approach in the descriptive texts and market your property to specific target groups via our well-tended search customer network, numerous channels such as real estate portals, print media or social networks. If desired, also discreetly away from the public.

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Virtual video tours and interactive floor plans - we can have our say.

Thanks to our industry experience, we know which marketing strategy suits which target group. That’s why we not only use our professional photographers to put your property in the right light, but also offer additional more modern forms of presentation that appeal to younger target groups in particular. Using current 360° camera technology, we create innovative video tours for a virtual tour of the property. In addition, our digital floor plan replicas stimulate the imagination of prospective buyers and give your real estate exposé the expressiveness it needs to convince potential buyers.

And now it's your turn - give us a call.

Contact us if you are planning a sale in Hamburg and tell us about your property. We will be happy to advise you and, after we have gained a personal impression, we will create a suitable marketing strategy, including a high-quality real estate exposé. We are available for you by phone as well as via our contact form and look forward to welcoming you soon at WEISS IMMOBILIEN.

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Frequently asked questions about the exposé

The exact content of an exposé varies depending on the type and size of the property for sale. In general, however, a synopsis should include the following:

  • High quality object photos including captions
  • Information about the type of object, area in square meters, number of rooms and year of construction
  • Energy certificate with all mandatory information
  • Exact address and complete floor plan
  • Purchase or rental price
  • Detailed description of the property including condition, equipment and room layout
  • Information about location, neighborhood and infrastructure
  • Availability date
  • Contact details of the seller, lessor or agent

An exposé serves to comprehensively present your property for sale against the background of a marketing strategy tailored to the target group. As a business card of your property, an exposé contains all the key data that are of interest to potential buyers. An appealing exposé also provides information about the structural condition as well as the equipment and location of your property and thus awakens the incentive to buy. Furthermore, an exposé is also used by credit institutions to make a well-founded assessment regarding possible financing on the basis of it.

The form: Generally, there are two types of real estate exposés, the online exposé and the PDF exposé. While the former is primarily published on real estate portals, the latter can be sent as a brochure by e-mail, printed out, passed on or offered for download.

The design: A professionally prepared exposé scores with a meaningful design, sound content and a clear structure. A modern graphic layout and a clear presentation of all essential information ensure an optimal overview in a professional exposé.

Highlighting: In order to make important information accessible to the respective target group of buyers, it should be clearly highlighted in an exposé. A concise headline, in which the advantages of the property can be seen at a glance, is also an effective means of attracting the attention of prospective buyers to your property.

Depending on the type of property to be sold, there are various ways to make an exposé appealing. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, a broker will be able to tailor the chosen marketing strategy of your exposé exactly to the target group to be reached.

The basis: High-quality real estate photos, target group-oriented descriptive texts and detailed information are considered to be the indispensable basis for a professional exposé.

The equipment: The provision of high-quality equipment by the broker serves to put your sales property in the right light both at the photo session for the preparation of the exposé and for the later viewing.

The professionals: In order to present your property in the best possible way in an exposé, it is possible for a real estate agent to bring experts such as professional real estate photographers or homestagers on board through his industry contacts.

The extras: Extras such as appealing property descriptions, virtual video tours and interactive floor plans additionally round off the professional impression of a high-quality expose.