Home Staging – Setting the scene for your property

You would like to perfectly stage your sales object to achieve a quick sales success and a high sales price? Our real estate agents in Hamburg will tell you why professional home staging is a guarantee of success for the sale of your property.

Home Staging – Clarification of terms

Home staging refers to the professional furnishing, decorating and renovating of a property to promote sales. With the targeted use of colors, furniture, decorations and light sources, as well as a suitable wall, floor and ceiling design, trained homestagers create an atmospheric room ambience thanks to the harmonious interplay of all components, in which potential buyers feel comfortable right away.

Why does home staging help sell your property?

Scenario 1 : Imagine you want to buy a house or an apartment and are invited by the property owner to an inspection appointment. The unoccupied rooms are empty and swept, but also quite cold and impersonal. There is a lack of sufficient lighting to see details, some of the flooring is missing, furniture left behind is waiting in a corner for the bulky waste date and the spark for possible furnishing ideas does not really want to jump due to the prevailing room situation. It is unlikely that you will choose the property in this case.

Scenario 2 : The initial situation and also the premises are the same, but instead of empty rooms, a well thought-out room and color concept awaits you at your viewing. Stylishly arranged pieces of furniture make it particularly easy for you to establish a personal connection with the object for sale, discreetly used decorative objects, natural light sources and details such as curtains, carpet runners and green plants convey a cozy feeling of homeliness.

Faster sales success through home staging

Which scenario did you choose? In all likelihood, the second variant appeals to you more – and you are by no means alone in this. It has been proven that the selling time of a property equipped with the Home Staging sales technique is reduced by about half. Home staging also usually increases the selling price of a property that has been furnished to look homely. Home staging is not only used for a successful presentation on the actual viewing day, but also proves to be advantageous with regard to an appealing exposé design. Properties whose exposé contains high-quality photos, which were created thanks to home staging, put your sales object in the right light already in the pre-sale phase, which noticeably increases both the interest and the incentive to buy.

Would you like to learn more about home staging to increase the sales success of your property? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the optimal presentation of your property and will put you in touch with professional homestagers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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