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We skilfully stage new construction projects and arouse emotions in potential buyers.


New construction projects place special demands on the developer and are considered the supreme discipline of the real estate industry. This makes it all the more important to find the right marketing partner. We develop a suitable marketing strategy for each of your new construction projects and skilfully stage it to achieve optimum sales success with the right mix of classic and modern approaches. Thanks to many years of experience, an eye for detail, target-oriented market analyses and our proximity to the market, we are already recognizing the wishes and needs of tomorrow’s buyers today.

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Sales success through innovative presentation.

Together with the production agency Justaddsugar, we stage new construction projects from Hamburg to Tenerife with cinematic shots, dynamic images and impressive drone videos and exploit the potential of moving images as a medium. Through innovative presentation, we give your new construction project a competitive edge, stir emotions and appeal to entirely new target groups. For sustainable branding that is measurable. In this way, we gain a lot of attention for your project and noticeably accelerate the sales process.


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We develop a suitable marketing strategy for each of your new construction projects and skilfully stage it to achieve optimum sales success.

We combine comprehensive services

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Frequently asked questions about marketing new buildings

We ensure a wow effect – long before the groundbreaking ceremony. Directly after the acquisition of the property, we develop tailor-made and attention-grabbing marketing strategies that will convince your potential buyers. With the help of fascinating drone videos and high-quality visualizations, we give prospective buyers exclusive insights into the real estate project and the location and ensure emotions that won’t let them go. In addition to our high-caliber marketing concepts, you benefit equally from our broad network and numerous contacts with potential buyers. In this way, you fulfill a high pre-sales quota early on and raise your new construction project to a new level.

From research on location and property acquisition to site and property evaluation, negotiation management and contract execution: At WEISS IMMOBILIEN you receive a first-class all-round package. We bundle comprehensive services into an overall concept and accompany new construction projects from start to finish, whether for individual and global sales or leasing. Transparency is a top priority for us: Continuous project reporting is naturally also part of our service. Above all, you can profit from our core discipline: individual and target group-oriented marketing concepts. Our innovative presentation convinces prospective customers at first sight and unleashes in them the desire for more.

Offer added value and reach your target group right away: This succeeds with a good marketing mix. Thanks to our innovative video production, we exploit the full potential of the moving image as a medium and create a clear competitive advantage. In addition, we contact potential tenants and buyers, regional associations and other relevant target groups and inform them about the project – especially the proactive direct approach in combination with valuable marketing materials significantly increases your chances of success. We place a special focus in online marketing on the best-known real estate portals and social media channels, thus increasing your circle of buyers many times over. Despite advancing digitalization, print media also remain an important means of reaching potential buyers. Therefore, we additionally rely on well-known regional and national newspapers and magazines to increase the visibility of your project for appropriate target groups. Also, count on targeted homestaging to bring your project to life and add unparalleled flair.

High-quality furnishings, a perfect color scheme and lighting effects that skilfully highlight the advantages of your new-build property – in collaboration with renowned interior designer Ronja Onnen, we make properties look vibrant with modern concepts and a flair that suits the project. In this way, we stimulate the imagination of interested parties and provide additional arguments for purchase. After all, properties in which prospective buyers feel comfortable right away usually sell faster and for a higher price.

Through a moderated video production, you give prospective buyers and tenants exclusive insights into your new construction project. Our cinematic shots, dynamic imagery and stunning drone videos create videos that stand out from the crowd and clearly stand out from the competition. They arouse strong emotions in the target group and establish a connection to the project more quickly than would be possible with pure descriptive texts and images. Videos not only entertain – they also show the property from new perspectives, highlight its advantages and create real added value.

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