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You own a property or a plot of land in Hamburg, Spain or Croatia and ask yourself: What is the potential of my house, my building plot or my apartment? Where are the strengths and weaknesses? Is it more advisable to sell or rent the property and at what price? Which and how many factors play a role in real estate valuation? What other aspects need to be considered in the course of the valuation? With us you will find the answer.

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First stop: our online real estate valuation calculator.

Using our simple online valuation tool, we determine the realistic sales price for you and prepare a comprehensive analysis of your property. To do this, first mark whether the property is a house, apartment, land or commercial property. Then enter the year of construction and the area of the property and living space. In addition, the exact location is an important clue for real estate valuation.

The quality of a good location is largely determined by the respective target group. Depending on whether they are young families, singles or retirees, the most important criteria differ considerably. For families with children, a school or kindergarten nearby is practical, the older generation may prefer a quiet condominium in the countryside of Hamburg and singles a property in the middle of the city. These details must be considered in the real estate valuation as well.

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Real estate valuation - Here we are professionals.

In the evaluation and answering of all these complicated questions, we are at your side with helpful information, because the purchase price must be right and adapted to the local market. We know the market in Hamburg very well – too high a purchase price costs time, if it is too low, the consequences are often high financial losses.

Real estate appraisal is a complex process that requires experience, knowledge and perseverance. Often, one’s own property is a project of the heart; in most cases, there is above all an emotional attachment. We as dedicated real estate agents evaluate with an objective, professional view so that you do not lose time, nerves or money and get the price for your property that it is really worth.

Your real estate valuation - free of charge and still valuable.

As a seller, you can have the complete analysis and valuation of your property carried out by us without obligation and completely free of charge and objectively estimate the final market price. Our market expertise ranges from the valuation of condominiums, single-family and multi-family houses to building plots and commercial property according to the standardized valuation procedures.

A real estate appraisal will answer these questions for you:

Feel free to contact us via our contact form, by phone or by e-mail and we will calculate the current, realistic market value of your own property according to a tailor-made concept. Thus, you have an initial estimate for yourself, which you can use as a guide – so that you know exactly what your property is worth.

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Frequently asked questions about real estate valuation

The actual value of a house, apartment or land is always individual and depends on various factors. These include:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Building fabric (e.g. in need of renovation, well-maintained or as new)
  • Building characteristics (e.g. number of floors, balcony, underground parking, basement, expansion possibilities, etc.)
  • Property size
  • Living space
  • Location and surroundings

Enormous increases in value are becoming apparent in many urban districts, mainly due to the growth in metropolitan areas . Recent statistics show that there have been large increases in prices per square foot over the past 15 years. Therefore, the value of a property is always in relation to the current developments on the market. For example, in addition to the official standard land value, comparative prices from current sales are also included.

With a professionally conducted valuation, owners learn what potential their property has. A real estate agent takes into account all relevant data and determines a realistic sales price, which can hardly be set by laymen. Our real estate appraisal is always aimed at the current market value and the more accurate this is, the more likely it is that the property will be sold in a timely manner. In addition, prospective buyers can eliminate the risk that a property is priced too high. This would in turn lead to a lengthy sales process.

There are various ways of preparing a value appraisal for a property. Compared to a free real estate appraisal, a market value appraisal is an appraisal for which a fee is charged and which has significantly higher demands than the pure determination of value. The preparation of a valuation is more extensive than a real estate appraisal and often takes up to four weeks. Depending on what the appraisal is needed for, different valuation methods are used:

  • Comparative value method
    A comparative value method is mainly used in the valuation of owner-occupied real estate and land. In this market value appraisal, the purchase price collection of the regional appraisal committee as well as the current offer on the market form the basis for the valuation.
  • Income capitalization approach
    This appraisal is used for rented properties. In this method, the fair value is determined on the basis of the land value of the property and the building income value. This results from the rental income and costs for the management of the property.
  • Material value method
    Banks regularly use this valuation to determine the value of a property. In the asset value method, the market value is determined on the basis of the real value of the land and building. The basis is the local standard land value and the real value of the building.

The market value and standard land value are often confused. The latter is an officially determined value that applies to a specific marketing area. It is an average value for certain zones that are subject to similar or even the same use. A distinction is made here, for example, between agricultural and forestry land, other commercial land and land with residential development. The standard land value itself serves as basic orientation, especially for still undeveloped land, and thus flows into the calculation of a valuation. The determination is made once a year by the responsible federal state and is, as the name implies, a guideline value.

Significantly more informative , on the other hand, is the market value. This is determined in accordance with Section 194 of the German Building Code on the basis of location, equipment, the structural condition and comparative prices. The market value is therefore the most important basis for a professional price determination, as all relevant parameters are taken into account and the standard land value also plays an important role.

If you want to sell a house or an apartment, a state-certified appraisal is usually not necessary. However, the situation is different if an inheritance is to be divided among several parties. Finally, each individual receives a certain share to which a value is to be assigned. Whether it is a settlement, an amicable solution regarding the division or a progressive court case: With an expert opinion you are on the safe side when it comes to concrete value shares. The same applies to divorces and the associated division. However, expert reports also provide detailed information about necessary renovation work and help to specify the effort and investment costs in concrete terms.

When it comes to pricing, sellers and brokers have a certain room for maneuver. The higher the price, the greater the profit margins for both parties. However, a reputable real estate agency will always orientate itself on the determined price in order to meet its own target requirements. Here, on the one hand, a fair and market-driven value in favor of the owners and, on the other hand, an object value that is comprehensible for all parties and serves as the basis for a successful sale.

However, a sale only comes about if interested parties not only come to view the property, but express a serious interest in purchasing it. Assuming that the price is set well above the market value, banks and other lenders at the latest will put a stop to the brokerage business. In a marginal range, however, it sometimes makes perfect sense to quote an increased price if this value will in all likelihood be reached in the next year or two anyway. Especially in regions with high demand, such an approach is common routine.

This question is mainly asked by owners who are looking to sell their property. It is therefore hardly surprising that opinions differ widely on this point. One thing is certain: Only a few and really valid reasons provide for a reduction in value. A slightly unkempt appearance or aging furnishings, for example, are not among them. Rather, serious defects in the building fabric would have to be apparent, such as an old, leaking roof, moisture penetrating façade components, an outdated, defective heating system or urgently needed renovation work. The value of a building may also be reduced by the fact that it is a listed building, which does not permit any conversion work and only allows work to be carried out by specialist companies to preserve the substance of the building. If the property is located in the vicinity of river floodplains/water protection areas, in flight paths or on heavily trafficked highways, the location often ensures a reduction in value.

Many brokers offer a free valuation, but can it be trusted? Local brokers know the market exactly and are also familiar with the specifics. They build on many years of experience in the industry, which guarantees a well-founded and professional real estate valuation. This way you can be sure that a realistic price for your property will be quoted.

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