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We extend classic tools of real estate marketing with innovative technologies and creative performance.

Recognize the hidden potential of your property and unleash it.

With a market-driven valuation and a highly professional process, we support you in selling your property in Hamburg, Spain, Croatia and Dubai. We exploit the full potential of your property, focusing on innovative marketing with emotional, visual and cinematic communication that arouses curiosity and awakens desire. Photographer photos, exciting copy, 360-degree Matterport tours, drone shots, moderated room tours , social media ads and more.

We are rooted in the local markets and accurately assess the current value of your house or apartment, providing you with the best basis for a speedy and successful sales process. In the sales negotiations we take over the so decisive mediator function for you, in order to obtain the best possible price for you.

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We work, you enjoy.

Selling your property doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. We remove obstacles and provide solutions. Sometimes obvious, sometimes invisible, always purposeful. You don’t have to worry about valuing your property, compiling documents or creating an exposé, we take care of that and much more. So you can sit back and relax.

We know that selling a property is always more than selling square meters. Your emotional attachment to your home can become a problem for you in the appraisal process, especially if there are defects. We will therefore discuss with you even minor renovation work that will increase the sale price.

We guarantee a target group-specific placement on the market and thus the appropriate buyer approach. We work with professional photographers who will showcase your property to advantage in Hamburg and abroad. Our marketing experts use the photographs to create a meaningful exposé that vividly describes your house or apartment and integrates the legally required information. We know on which online portals or in which print media the advertisement attracts attention from potential buyers and how it is displayed at the top to potential buyers. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the market, we propose a customized strategy to sell your property in a timely manner.

If desired, we can also market your property discreetly away from the public eye. This way we maintain your privacy and at the same time address potential buyers from our database.

Exactly here begins the first step to the successful sale of your property

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Procedure for the sale of real estate

Digital, innovative, creative: We take on all tasks from the initial real estate consultation and property valuation to the notary appointment.

The sales process in 8 steps

Your first step is simple. You contact us and tell us what kind of property you want to sell and what are the facts and specifics. 

You explain to us during the initial consultation what your intentions and goals are. Does your old property no longer meet your standard of living or do you want to sell because a move or a new purchase is imminent? Have you inherited a house or do you need to sell it because of a divorce? With inheritance and divorce properties in particular, there are key steps to follow to ensure a successful sale.

We value your property free of charge and without obligation according to current market data and with different valuation methods.  In addition to the type of property and the basic data, we take into account important factors such as location, year of construction, energy balance and technical equipment. We make a clear recommendation at what price the property should be placed on the market. In the end, of course, you decide.

We prepare all documents relevant to the sale and, if necessary, obtain them from public offices, create a digital floor plan, check the extract from the land register and take care of the preparation of a valid energy certificate.

The exposé is the most essential document for the sale, because the property can stand out from other offers through a professionally prepared exposé with meaningful photos and exciting texts. After completion we will send you the  exposé with possible adjustment requests. for release.

In consultation with you, we create an individual marketing concept and propose targeted measures. Depending on the type of property and what you are looking for, we can use traditional marketing tools such as storefront advertising, ads in print media and on the relevant real estate portals, but we can also use modern tools such as 360-degree Matterport tours, moderated Roomtours and performance-based social media ads.

From initial contact and answering questions that arise from potential buyers, to conducting individual viewings and negotiating with prospective buyers, to credit checks, we take care of everything that helps the process and takes the pressure off you. With us you avoid unnecessary hassle with interested parties and can be sure that the organization of the individual viewing appointments will run smoothly. Should misunderstandings arise during the final sales negotiations, we find compromise solutions that are often not possible in direct confrontation between seller and buyer. Only if both sides sign the purchase contract with a good feeling, we have done everything right.

In consultation with you and the notary’s office, we have a purchase contract drawn up and accompany you to the notary’s appointment as soon as a buyer has been found. During the notarial certification we accompany you and stand by you in an advisory capacity.

Once everything is in place and the purchase price has been paid in full, we accompany you during the handover of the property and prepare a handover protocol for all parties. Even after the sale, we continue to be at your side with advice and support.

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In principle, there is no obligation in Germany to have a property brokered by a real estate agency. However, the effort is relatively large and costs a lot of time and nerves. Within the framework of the legal requirements, a real estate agent receives a brokerage fee, the amount of which is announced in advance, is based on a percentage of the sales price and is only earned if the brokerage is successful. All services are included here. Starting with the preparation of a professional exposé, the collection of all necessary documents and the organization of viewing and presentation appointments, up to dealing with authorities and notaries. Another important criterion is the valuation by means of various valuation methods, which gives you a realistic assessment and takes into account market-current data. In addition, you benefit from a broad network of interested parties through which we reach customers directly. In addition, we take care of a professional contract that guarantees punctual payments. Therefore, it is highly advisable to hire a real estate agency to sell the property.

Deciding whether to sell or rent your property is an important consideration that should be carefully weighed. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, which should be tailored to your individual needs and long-term goals. Selling your property can be a quick way to free up capital and potentially realize profits. It allows you to benefit from a rising real estate market and obtain financial resources for other investments or plans. Renting out your property, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to generate passive income and earn long-term returns. You retain ownership and can benefit from rising rents and potential appreciation of the property. However, this may also involve responsibility for management, maintenance and tenant interaction. It is important to consider your financial situation, long-term goals and personal risk tolerance. A comprehensive analysis of your current market conditions and local rental rates can also be helpful. If you are unsure whether to sell or rent, we will be happy to assist you. Our experienced real estate experts will help you make the right decision for your individual situation.

The best time to sell real estate depends on several factors that should be considered to ensure a successful transaction. Spring and summer are often popular times for real estate sales, as the pleasant weather and longer days attract potential buyers. Real estate is often at its best during this time of year, which can lead to increased demand. In addition to this, current market events should be closely monitored. In a positively developing market, demand is stronger and higher purchase prices can be achieved; in a buyer’s market, on the other hand, there is significantly more negotiation and lower prices are achieved. Individual life circumstances should also be taken into account. For example, if you have a new career opportunity or your family is growing, this might be an appropriate time to sell. It is advisable to consult with real estate experts to make an informed decision. They can draw on their market knowledge and experience to determine the best time to sell your property.

It depends on the individual case. The time span ranges from a few weeks to several months. Of course, price, type of object and location play an important role. Real estate in rural areas, for example, has a smaller circle of interested parties than residential and commercial real estate in inner-city areas. There are several factors that discourage potential customers from buying. For example, if the structural condition does not meet the expectations or certain circumstances are concealed. The more closely the price is aligned with current market conditions, the higher the prospects for a quick sales success. If customers feel well advised and informed about all important details, this also favors the purchase decision.

In the case of inherited real estate, it may happen that parts of a community of heirs do not wish to sell their shares. A similar problem sometimes occurs during separations. As a general rule, it is recommended that a legal dispute be avoided in both scenarios, as otherwise there is a risk of immense additional costs and loss of time. First try to convince with your own arguments and also listen to other opinions. Such disputes are often about money. While some prefer a quick sale, others speculate on the highest possible profit margins. Even if one party does not want to sell, the others still have a way to get him or her to sell. This is where going to a publicly appointed, sworn expert or even an experienced brokerage firm that offers mediation can help. This method is an advisable step if no agreement can be reached and the case should not end up in court.

When selling a property, various documents are of great importance to ensure a smooth and legally correct process. Below are the essential documents you will need to sell real estate, depending on the type of property:

  • Current extract from the land register: This document contains information about the owner, plot size, encumbrances and rights encumbering the property.
  • Energy certificate: The energy certificate provides information about the energy efficiency of the property and is mandatory for the sale.
  • Floor plans, elevations/ sections: Detailed plans of the property that provide important information about the room layout and dimensions.
  • Parcel Map: Shows the exact location and boundaries of the property.
  • Construction Description: A summary of the structural characteristics and features of the property.
  • Living space calculation and calculation of the enclosed space: Determine the exact size of the living space and the enclosed space.
  • Modernizations carried out: A list of the modernization and renovation works carried out on the property.
  • Defects/Damage: Documentation of existing defects or damage to the property.
  • Building insurance: information on insuring the property against damage.
  • Information about building encumbrances and contaminated sites: Information about imposed building encumbrances or known environmental pollution.
  • Declaration of partition: Regulations on the division of the overall property into separate property and common property.
  • Housing allowance statements for the last three years: Overview of the financial burden of housing allowance payments.
  • Owners’ meeting minutes for the last three years: Records of resolutions and discussions at owners’ meetings.
  • Certificate of Completeness: Official confirmation of the division of property.
  • Economic plan: Financial planning for the coming years for the common property.
  • Tenant list: List of current tenants and their tenancies.
  • Security deposit list: Overview of rent deposits paid by current tenants.
  • Leases: Copies of current leases with tenants.

Presenting these documents is critical to giving potential buyers a comprehensive picture of the property and making the sales process efficient and transparent. It is recommended that if you are unsure, you contact a real estate professional to ensure that all necessary documentation is in place.

When selling leased property, careful planning is critical to ensure a smooth and successful process. Existing leases must be respected and tenants should be informed of the sale at an early stage. Prospective buyers should also be informed transparently about current tenancies and the legal framework. The condition of the property plays an important role in attracting the interest of potential buyers. The purchase agreement should be worded precisely, especially with regard to the assumption of existing tenancies and rental deposits. The settlement of service charges and the handover of the property require precise planning to ensure a smooth transition for both tenant and buyer. Professional advice from real estate experts or attorneys is recommended for legal and tax issues as well as negotiations. Early contact with experts ensures a correct and smooth sales process.

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