What you need to know about the land register

If you are selling your property or fulfilling your dream of owning a new home, one of the most important steps is to change the entry in the land register. After all, only someone who is listed in the land register is the legal owner. Are you wondering what exactly the land register contains and who is allowed to view it? Find out the answers in our new video.

Contents of the land register

The land register is a public register and is maintained by the competent land registry office. It contains information on all developed and undeveloped land in the municipality and is divided into different sections.

Section I provides information on ownership, while Section II contains key data on the properties, such as size and location. Likewise, the property rights are noted, through which you can find out, for example, whether a right of way exists for a neighbor. Section III shows debt relationships, i.e. whether the property is encumbered with a land charge or mortgage. This information is particularly interesting in the context of financing issues.

Who may inspect the land register?

Pursuant to Section 12 of the Land Register Code, the land register may be inspected by any person who has a “legitimate interest” and provides proof thereof, such as the buyer or seller. With this, you also don’t have to worry about someone looking through the data on your property out of sheer curiosity.

Land register as a basis for your purchase or sale

The land register plays a crucial role in the purchase or sale of real estate. If you are the owner, the land register excerpt is one of the most important documents that you present to your prospective buyers at the very beginning of the sale. If you find the right buyer, the notarization and amendment of the land register entry seals the sale. You also need the land register in the event of inheritance or divorce in order to revise the ownership structure.

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