Divide apartment house – the most important info

You own a multi-family house and would like to sell individual condominiums from this property? Then you have to divide the house into separate units according to the Condominium Act. We explain in our video which steps are necessary for the split and what you have to pay attention to exactly.

The procedure

At the beginning, an architect prepares a detailed partition plan. This shows where which apartment is located and which rooms belong to it. Then submit an application for seclusion, including the partition plan, to the building department.

After a successful inspection, the office issues you the so-called seclusion permit, which you present to a notary along with other relevant documents concerning the property. The latter draws up a declaration of partition, which regulates the ownership relationships between the owners: What rights and obligations exist among the owners and what share of the total property do they have?

As a final step, the notary submits the declaration of partition to the land registry office and thus makes an application for different land register sheets, with which each apartment can be assigned to one owner. The original land register is closed according to § 7 WEG. Now you have the possibility to sell individual units.

Costs and duration

The question of the cost of sharing must be answered individually, as it depends on various factors. Depending on how elaborate the preparation of the apportionment plan is, the costs increase. The value of the real estate also affects your expenses, as authorities and notaries charge according to a certain scale of fees.

As with the costs, it is not possible to make a general statement about how long the division will take, as the process depends on various official channels. Therefore, plan enough time – anything from three months to over a year is possible here.

Save effort and time

We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN support you in dividing your property into several condominiums. Our reliable partner network and qualified contacts save you effort and time. Even after the subdivision process, we are happy to assist you with our versatile services and market your apartments in a target-oriented manner. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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