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The energy certificate of a property is one of the documents that must be available when selling a house or renting a new one. The certificate provides information on what energy costs can be expected for the property in question. As with electrical appliances, the energy efficiency of a property is graded in color bands from A+ to H. The lower the effective energy consumption, the more efficient the property. We explain when you need an energy certificate, what types are distinguished and what you should look for in issuers.

Who needs an energy certificate?

If you want to sell or re-rent your property, you need an energy certificate. If you do not provide the ID card, you may face legal consequences. Buyers and tenants always have the right to ask for such a certificate. For potential buyers, the incidental costs incurred are often a criterion for or against a property.

An energy certificate is also recommended if you change or extend your property in the course of renovation and refurbishment work. For new buildings, an energy certificate serves as a planning aid. It can save a lot of money by optimizing construction and energy costs, for example.

If you have been living in a condominium or house for a long time and do not plan to sell or rent the property, you do not need an energy certificate.

Demand certificate or consumption certificate?

In the case of the energy certificate, a distinction is made between a demand certificate and a consumption certificate. A demand certificate is more informative and for this reason also more expensive than the consumption certificate. It calculates the expected energy demand of the property based on factors such as the living space, year of construction, heating data and other relevant values such as climate and room temperature. In the consumption certificate, on the other hand, the effective energy consumption is determined. This method is based on the consumption of the last three years. Both passes are valid for ten years.

How do I find a reputable energy certificate issuer?

Not every ID card issuer you find over the Internet is reputable. Many are not authorized to issue an energy certificate, as this requires either professional practice or certain education and training. You can find reputable energy certificate issuers via portals such as the dena list (Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH), chambers of engineers or architects. If you are still unsure, it is best to have the respective provider certify that they are authorized to issue an energy certificate.

Do you still have questions about energy costs and energy certificates in Hamburg? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will be happy to answer any questions you may have and, if you wish, we can also provide an energy certificate for your property.

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