What is an open house visit?

The concept of the open house tour originates from the USA and means something like "open tour". This means that several potential buyers are guided through a property by a contact person within a fixed time window. In this blog post, we will explain the benefits of such a visit and what you should look out for.

What are the advantages of the open house visit?

If you want to avoid making many individual appointments to view your home or apartment, consider an open house tour. This offers you, as the owner or tenant of the property, the advantage that you only have to prepare your real estate property once, thus reducing the time required. Only qualified prospects are invited to an open house and the likelihood of quicker decision-making on the part of potential buyers or tenants is high, because competition stimulates business.

What to look for in an open house tour

Don’t let strangers into your property. So only grant access to people who disclose personal information about themselves, because this also facilitates further communication. It is important for the contact person or agent to have important documents at the time of the inspection and to be prepared for all possible questions from potential buyers or tenants. Prospective buyers often bring a catalog with them to such inspections, which includes questions about the condition of the building materials, home insurance, or fixtures and connections in the property.

As a prospective buyer, what should you look for during an open house visit?

For you as a potential buyer or tenant, it is important to checkyour financial possibilities already before buying a property. Also, it is always an advantage if you bring relevant documents, such as your credit report, to the inspection. Always remain authentic during a viewing and ask questions about the house or apartment. During a viewing appointment, the principle also applies: four eyes see more than two. So let us guide you to better assess a possible renovation and refurbishment effort on the property.

An open house tour isn’t right for you? These are possible alternatives

3D tours offer interested parties the opportunity to view a property online in advance. In this way, potential buyers or tenants are filtered out so that only qualified interested parties attend personal viewings.

Another alternative is the classic individual appointment. While this is more personal, it is also more time-consuming than the open house visit.

Are you also planning an open house in Hamburg or do you need further information on this topic? Then get in touch with us. We are looking forward to your contact.

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