How To: Create Exposé

It is considered the business card of your real estate and decides decisively on your sales chances: the exposé. The document in brochure form presents your property textually and pictorially and establishes the first contact between you and your prospects. In our video, we reveal what matters when it comes to design and how you can appeal to and convince a wide range of prospects.

Important key data and meaningful text

Prospective buyers often have precise ideas and requirements for their new home and would like to compare these with the advertised properties. Therefore, list all important key data clearly: How many rooms does your property have? How many square meters is the living space? And when was the house built?

You should supplement the listing with a text in which you describe the property in an appealing way and highlight unique selling points in particular. What makes the house unique? A pool, a winter garden or a large roof terrace? Provide interested parties with arguments for a viewing appointment and, in the best case, for the purchase.

Floor plans and photos

Most prospective customers set up their dream property in advance and then decide whether or not to buy it. Make planning easier for potential buyers and supplement the exposé with professional floor plans showing the exact room layout. Also include a location description and site plan where prospective buyers can see where the property is located.

Put special focus on high-quality photos. For this purpose, use a professional camera and set the scene for the property. This will convince prospective customers from the very first moment.

Show your property in the best light

The more appealing and high-quality your exposé looks, the higher your chances of selling the property within a short time. You are still unsure about the creation? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN are your competent contact and are happy to support you. We are not only experts for attractive real estate exposés, but also accompany you throughout the entire sales process if desired. Feel free to write us a message or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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