Tips for unmarried couples when selling real estate

Whether it's a change of job, a new generation, a separation or the desire to move to a new place of residence, the reasons for selling a house are many and varied. However, if you and your partner are not married, dividing the proceeds of the sale is more complicated than for married couples because ownership is less protected by law. Therefore, we explain what you need to pay attention to.

Who owns the property?

The property belongs to the person who is listed as the owner in the land register. If your partner is registered here, for example, you theoretically have no claims to the property, even if you have invested in the property yourself. The situation is different if you have made a written agreement on the respective shares in advance or if the different ownership relationships are noted in the land register. If you are both named in the land register, each receives the corresponding shares of the sale price.

How will the proceeds from the estates be divided?

Are you leaving much of the furniture and fixtures in the previous home and selling them to the new owners? Furniture that you have bought together is the so-called co-ownership of the partners. You divide the proceeds fairly accordingly. This is true even if you have not paid exactly half of the respective object. Take the time to make a detailed list showing exactly which of you paid for what portion of the items. This is especially important if you are selling the property due to a separation, as you can use the list to calculate who you will pay how much money to after the sale or which of you may take which furniture.

Uncomplicated real estate sale with WEISS IMMOBILIEN

Do you dare to make a new start and sell your previous property? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN support you in your project. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise, with which we reliably advise you on your sale as an unmarried couple. In addition, we develop individual marketing strategies and take over all tasks that arise. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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