These factors have an influence on the value of a property

If you are selling your property, the first step is to set a selling price. A real estate expert like us at WEISS IMMOBILIEN supports you with a professional valuation in Hamburg. Are you interested in what factors influence your property value? We explain it to you in this post.

The location as the main factor

The location has the strongest influence on the value of your house or apartment. The more attractive the residential area, the higher the price. A distinction is made between the micro and the macro. Microlocation refers to the immediate environment. Do buyers have to expect road noise? How far away are public transportation, shopping, or educational facilities? Macro location, on the other hand, refers to the entire region and the economic situation of a city.

Structural condition

The condition of the property also affects the value. How old is the building and what is its structural condition? When was the last renovation or modernization? The energy efficiency class plays a decisive role and can significantly increase the property value.

Equipment features

Does your property have a garden or balcony, a garage, a winter garden or even a whirlpool? All these aspects raise the value. In addition, the equipment of a property includes the heating system. If this is particularly modern, you will not only increase the energy efficiency of the house, but also the selling price.

Value-enhancing measures for a profitable sale

Real estate value is not something static and can be changed at any time. The location, of course, can not be influenced, but with the condition and equipment it looks different. It’s up to you: if you renovate the bathroom, for example, or renew the windows, the roof or the facade insulation, the selling price will increase. Often small cosmetic repairs are enough to positively influence the price, such as a new floor or wallpaper. It is important that you analyze your target group at the beginning and adapt the value-adding measures to them.

We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN are happy to assist you with your sale. We perform real estate appraisals and not only advise you on value-enhancing measures, but also help you to implement them. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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