This is what happens when the property is sold too cheap or too expensive

If you are selling your property, a realistic price is decisive for the duration of the sale and your success. What exactly happens if, on the other hand, you offer your property above or below the actual value, we explain in this article.

The consequences of a too expensive price

You hope for a particularly profitable sale and therefore offer your property at an above-average price? If necessary, do you accept to lower the price? This plan quickly backfires. After all, a price that is too high will scare off potential buyers and ensure that your real estate ad stays on the real estate portals for a long time. A reduction in the purchase price increases the skepticism of real estate seekers – the result is an even longer sales period. In the end, the selling price is very likely to be significantly below the actual market value.

The consequences of too low a price

If the price is too expensive, the sale is usually not even closed at the initially desired value. Also, if the price is too low, the sale is delayed in most cases because many prospective buyers wonder if there is something wrong with your property.

However, some people intentionally choose a low price when selling the property to relatives or friends. In theory, this is possible, but the purchase price must not be too low. Otherwise, there is a risk that the tax office will classify the case as a hidden gift and thus as tax evasion. The reason: the difference between the purchase price and the true value of the house is considered a partial gift, which requires a gift tax. If the difference is too great, expect legal consequences.

On the safe side with a professional real estate valuation

We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN protect you from sources of error and provide you with comprehensive advice on your real estate sale in Hamburg. Through our professional valuation you will find out the actual real estate value and place your house or apartment on the market at the ideal price. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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