The IMMOMENT Mentoring Program of IMMOEBS e.V. – active exchange for your business

IMMOEBS, the largest alumni network in the German-speaking real estate industry, offers a unique mentoring program. Within the framework of IMMOMENT, young professionals and young executives establish valuable contacts with people who have many years of experience in the real estate industry. In our new video, Felix Weiss talks to his mentor Olaf Fortmann, Managing Director of HBB Capital Investors GmbH, and provides exciting insights.

The right mentor for every mentee

As a mentee, you officially apply to participate in the 12-month program. Among other things, you provide information about your company, yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Mentors do not go through an application process, but are actively approached as IMMOEBS members and asked to participate. In a matching phase, IMMOEBS searches for the perfect mentor for each mentee. Felix Weiss and Olaf Fortmann, for example, both work in a family business. The mentee particularly benefits from such similarities, because his mentor can empathize with his situation with all its peculiarities and challenges and thus advise him in a goal-oriented manner.

A win for both sides

What is the motivation behind taking on the role of mentor? For Olaf Fortmann, the answer is obvious: After almost 30 years of professional experience, he sees the program as an excellent opportunity to pass on his experience to young people. The program thrives on active exchange. In a kick-off event, mentor and mentee get to know each other for the first time and met all other participants at the same time – an ideal opportunity to expand one’s network. In the following 12 months, a variety of coaching sessions and workshops took place in different cities such as Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt with the aim of further developing one’s own business and making exciting contacts.

Seizing new opportunities

If you are active in the real estate industry and would like to develop further, IMMOMENT offers you the ideal conditions for your career jump. The regular meetings between mentee and mentor not only expand the mentee’s own expertise, but also pave the way for a trusting business relationship. Do you have any questions about the topic or any other real estate concern? Please feel free to contact us. We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN are looking forward to meeting you!

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