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If you want to sell a property successfully, you have to consider many aspects.
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Helpful tips for selling real estate.

Are you wondering which aspects you should consider when selling your property in Hamburg in order to achieve a good result? We will inform you in advance about the most important stages regarding the preparation and sale of your property.

The 3 phases sales phases

1. preparation
2. sale
3. conclusion

Prepare carefully for the sale, declutter and clean your property, and make cosmetic repairs in advance so that it looks its best. Find out all the available and relevant documents for the sale of the property. The next step should be to create a meaningful exposé with professional photos and informative texts.


Selling a property is fraught with many pitfalls that can quickly lead to legal or financial problems without the necessary expertise. Therefore, inform yourself extensively about aspects to be considered or hire a professional brokerage firm. The most important aspects of this phase are the promotion of the property, viewings and purchase price negotiations.


Once the purchase price has been agreed, the final phase involves the preparation and execution of the purchase agreement. As soon as the purchase contract has been drawn up and agreed with all parties, a notary appointment is arranged and the property is notarized. After legal processing by the notary’s office and payment of the purchase price, the final step is the handover of the property.

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High-quality photos or visualizations of your property are our top priority at all times, regardless of whether you want regular or discreet marketing in private.

The sales process in 3 steps

In order to professionally assess the value of your property and set a realistic asking price, a professionally conducted property appraisal is essential for a successful sale.

Also, ask yourself the following questions during the preparation phase:

  • What is the structural condition of the property for sale?
  • Is repair or renovation required prior to disposition?
  • What sales price should be achieved?
  • Has a professional valuation been carried out?
  • Have all outstanding loans been repaid or what is the remaining debt?
  • By when is it realistic to close a sale?

These steps are important during the preparation phase:

  • Professional analysis of the current market situation
  • Hiring a professional photographer
  • Determination of the marketing strategy
  • Compilation of all essential real estate documents
  • Creation of a meaningful exposé
  • Placement of advertisements in digital and print media

Now it’s time for the final phase: The viewing appointments must be coordinated and a reliable notary must be commissioned to draw up and notarize the sales contract.

These aspects must be taken into account during processing:

  • Create a time schedule that lists all viewing appointments including time buffers
  • Make sure that your property for sale is presented in perfect condition on the day of the viewing
  • Create a feel-good atmosphere by means of discreet decoration, snacks and drinks, in which your prospects will feel welcome
  • Prove yourself to your prospects as a competent and friendly contact person
  • Keep in mind all the essential key data regarding your object of sale in order to be able to react quickly to questions
  • Have a copy of the real estate documents available for your prospective buyers
  • Carry out a credit check on a suitable buyer and have a notarized purchase contract drawn up, which is notarized in the next step.

Do you have any questions? we have the answers.

Frequently asked questions about private&shy sale

A private real estate sale is possible, but it requires a lot of expertise and, above all, time. Starting with the price determination, through the procurement of documents and a suitable marketing strategy, to viewing appointments and price negotiations – all steps must be planned precisely and carried out conscientiously.

Sell your property together with a broker, you save a lot of effort and protect yourself from mistakes. We take over all tasks and support you with our expertise. In addition, we have excellent contacts with craftsmen, lawyers and notaries, which means that you benefit from a precisely tailored all-round service in every situation.

When selling a property, a wide variety of documents are crucial to ensure a smooth and transparent process. Depending on the type of property, this includes an excerpt from the land register, the energy certificate, dimensioned floor plans, the cadastral map, the building description, a calculation of the living space, information on building insurance, information on building and contaminated sites, the declaration of partition, the last three housing allowance statements and minutes of the owners’ meeting, a certificate of partition, the most recent economic plan, a list of tenants and an overview of deposits as well as rental agreements. Information on defects and modernizations carried out is also very helpful. If required, we will reliably procure all documents for you and thus ensure a smooth and carefree sale.

The exposé is considered the business card of your property. With professional photos showing your property from different perspectives and informative texts, you provide prospective buyers with a detailed insight into the house or apartment. This will significantly increase your sales opportunities. Likewise, an informative exposé helps you avoid viewing tourism, as prospective buyers can compare the key data with their individual requirements in advance.

The best time to sell a house depends on several factors. In addition to the time of year, this includes the current interest rate level as well as the current supply/demand ratio. For market analysis, it is worth working with a real estate agent who will recommend the right time for your real estate project.

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