Optimal preparation for the viewing appointment

You want to sell your property and prepare yourself as an owner optimally for the upcoming viewing appointment? We will give you valuable tips on how to plan the viewing and present your property in a professional manner.

5 tips for an optimal visit

1. create checklist and eliminate defects

Prior to scheduling an inspection, it is important to prepare a checklist of all structural deficiencies that should be addressed in a timely manner prior to scheduling the appointment. To do this, walk through your property carefully and keep a written record of what renovations and repairs need to be done. Also, consider hiring a handyman or repair company to provide professional assistance in correcting defects.

2. search out and compile real estate documents

In order to be able to respond confidently to all questions from prospective buyers during the viewing, it is advisable to pick out all the necessary documents in advance and compile them clearly in a folder. This includes first and foremost the floor plan and the energy certificate, but also key data on the year of construction, renovation and conversion work, ancillary costs and the declaration of division.

3. coordinate and arrange viewing appointments

Important in advance: Only give appointments that you can keep. Therefore, consider early on whether it makes sense to schedule the viewing appointments primarily on free weekends, for example. Do not arrange too many visits on the same day, a maximum of three to four is recommended. Also, plan for a sufficient time buffer between two viewing appointments to allow your prospective buyers enough time.

4. tidy up and present attractively

Do not leave the presentation of your object for sale to chance. Make sure your property looks its best on the day of the viewing. Clear away everyday utensils and instead place discreet decorative elements such as vases with fresh flowers. Carpets and curtains should be cleaned, the premises cleaned and in perfect condition.

5. be friendly and open-minded

On the day of the visit, show yourself friendly and open-minded. Feel free to offer your prospects a coffee or soft drink, and then give them a tour of the space and associated property. Answer your prospects’ questions conscientiously and honestly, without concealing any shortcomings. Tell about the history and amenities of the house, positively highlight the advantages of the neighborhood such as convenient transportation or interesting recreational opportunities.

Would you like further support from WEISS IMMOBILIEN in organizing and carrying out your property inspection? We look forward to hearing from you.

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