How to find your perfect property

You would like to buy a property for you and your family in Hamburg? Are you looking for a suitable capital investment? To find a property that fits your individual needs, several factors come into play. To help you find your dream property, we explain what to look for when making your choice.

Set budget

Before you start looking for a property, you should determine your budget. Most real estate is not financed by equity alone, but is paid off through long-term planned loans. You should seek advice on suitable financing plans early on to see what is possible. Clarity in finances will bring you confidence in the later negotiation.

Own use or capital investment

Although the choice is of course also based on personal preferences, different types of real estate are available – depending on the motivation of the purchase: Condominiums are more suitable for smaller households, while large single-family homes with gardens offer families enough space. Multi-family houses are particularly suitable as larger capital investments. For example, consider what type of property (townhouse, semi-detached, detached) you prefer, how many rooms you need, and whether you want a garden. It can be helpful to get an overview of what’s available on popular real estate portals.

City, country, river: the location

To search for a property, you should consider where it will be located. Do you value proximity to the city or rural idyll? Also consider the distances to shopping, your workplace and other places that are important to you. Do you own a car or do you use public transport and depend on good transport connections? If you have younger children, kindergartens and schools in the area also play a role.

What is a reasonable purchase price?

There are various databases, such as that of the IVD broker association, where you can find out about housing price indices in various cities. Thus, the total price of a property can be roughly derived from the average price per square meter and the number of square meters. Also, many websites offer online calculators where you enter some data yourself and get a recommended price. It is easier and more accurate to have a real estate agent determine the value of a property. He knows the market development and the prices in the region and personally inspects the property so that the current condition is also included in the calculation.

A broker finds what you are looking for

After all these considerations, you are only at the beginning of the actual search. A broker takes this effort off your hands. He will personally advise you on financing and your search and find suitable properties for you. Moreover, he not only determines a realistic purchase price, but also conducts the negotiations for you. If you are looking for a property in the Hamburg area or in Spain, we at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will find your perfect property for you. Feel free to contact us without obligation via our contact form.

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