What sellers look for in the applicant portfolio

Once you have visited your dream property, everything revolves around the thought: This is where I want to live. You quickly start planning the room layout and furnishings - even if the seller hasn't even agreed yet. To avoid disappointment, it pays to invest time in an appealing applicant portfolio. With this, you will stand out from the other prospects and increase your chances. In this post, we reveal what property owners look for in their documents.

Give the seller security

Every owner wants to place his property in good and, above all, solvent hands. Therefore, show him at first sight that he is playing it safe with you as the buyer. In addition to a self-disclosure, which contains information about yourself and your profession, your salary statements as well as a credit report are among the most important components of your applicant portfolio. Banks also offer a so-called buyer’s certificate, with which you can prove your liquidity.

How to convince owners

Often, numerous prospective buyers apply for the same property. Your ability to pay is the prerequisite for you to be shortlisted in the first place – but it is usually other arguments that ultimately convince the seller. In any case, write a cover letter explaining what makes the house or apartment your dream property. Show why you can imagine a future in this very house and include a sympathetic family photo to be remembered. Especially for owners who have to part with their property with a heavy heart, this makes the decision easier.

The design of your portfolio

It’s obvious that you won’t make a good impression with a stapled-together mess of notes. Instead, opt for an attractive folder or a high-quality binder in which you can structure your documents in a meaningful way. When it comes to design, less is more. Make sure your portfolio looks uniform and avoid flashy patterns to emphasize your seriousness.

Score points with your application documents

With an appealing applicant portfolio, sellers keep you in mind despite numerous other prospects and see at a glance why you are the perfect buyer. We are happy to support you on the way to your new home. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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