Virtual real estate tours

Technology is also advancing inexorably in real estate sales. Innovative high-tech camera systems and intelligent apps create exciting new opportunities for property presentation and communication with prospective buyers.

Introducing Ogulo’s “Virtual Property Tour”, a simple but clever tool that allows us to make your property mobile in the form of a virtual tour. In just a few steps, we create a 360° virtual tour of the property for our customers.

The panorama recording function enables the recording of spherical panoramas (all-round view) without additional hardware or software. Extremely sharp 360° HDR (High Dynamic Range) images are then “in the can” with just one click.

But it gets even better: thanks to the app, we gain insight into visitor behavior and can thus statistically evaluate who has virtually viewed the 360° tour, for how long and how often, in which room and at what time! An excellent basis for precisely optimizing future visits.

In addition, we can virtually visit with one or more interested parties at the same time. During the virtual live inspection, direct dialog with the customer is possible at any time. Via chat, phone and/ or video! The property seeker can ask questions during the viewing and we as the provider can answer immediately and see what the visitor is looking at.

Of course, the virtual real estate tour does not replace personal contact on site. But it is a very interesting alternative that will be used more and more in the future.

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