Private sale or broker?

Wondering if a private sale or hiring a broker is the right choice?
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Selling a house: do it privately or hire a realtor?

Anyone who is faced with selling a house must clarify in good time the question of the appropriate method of sale. While a private sale can be fraught with many problems without the proper expertise, hiring an agent allows the real estate sale to proceed smoothly thanks to extensive knowledge of the industry.

These are the points you should consider when selling privately:

Private sale: These difficulties are to be expected.

A private home sale is very time consuming and requires a lot of expertise. It starts with the fact that you have to inform yourself comprehensively about the current market situation in the real estate sector, compare sales prices and recognize regional differences. In addition, there is the research and gathering of all the information and documents that are relevant to a house sale. Building law issues must be adequately clarified in advance and contractual documents must be notarized.

You should also be able to create a compelling exposé with meaningful photos and present it in a variety of ways in the right places. In addition, it is important that you are a competent negotiator, have a sense for the right buyer target group, are not guided by personal emotions and have a lot of patience and perseverance.

All these criteria represent only the basis of a successful private sale, which can quickly overwhelm you without the necessary background knowledge.

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We accompany them through the process

1. preparation phase
2. sales phase
3. final phase
1. sales preparation
  • Carrying out a professional real estate valuation
  • Procurement and preparation of all documents
  • Comprehensive advice regarding construction and contract law
  • Expert mediation of declutterers, photographers and homestagers
2. sales phase
  • Determination of the target group of buyers
  • Creation of a meaningful exposé
  • Development and implementation of the marketing strategy
  • Monitoring and reporting on sales activities
  • Making a pre-selection with regard to potential buyers
  • Organization and implementation of the tours
  • Negotiation
3. sales closure
  • Conscientious examination of the buyer’s creditworthiness
  • Preparation of the purchase contract with the notary’s office
  • Presence at the subsequent notarization
  • Implementation of a smooth object handover
  • Final support after conclusion of the contract

Frequently asked questions about private sale

Working with a real estate agent already pays off when it comes to pricing. It is difficult for a layman to keep track of all the factors that influence the bid price and to offset them correctly. A broker like us will conduct detailed market analysis and determine a realistic price that will significantly increase your chances of selling. In addition, we develop professional and target group-oriented marketing strategies that will convince your prospective customers at first glance.

A broker has extensive knowledge of the industry to help you get the best sale price. We know the Hamburg real estate market inside out and know what is particularly in demand. Through our first-class network we have numerous contacts to interested parties. This will speed up the sale, as your buyer may already be in our customer base. Likewise, price negotiations are part of our daily business, with which we ensure you a successful conclusion of sale.

Our comprehensive services start with a professional valuation and extend to the successful handover of keys. We create an attractive exposé with first-class photos, which we publish on various portals and other classic and modern media. In this way, we ensure you a wide reach as well as a target-oriented approach to interested parties and marketing. In particular, through 360-degree Matterport tours, high-quality video productions and drone footage, we skillfully stage your property if desired and accelerate the sale. In addition, we procure all relevant documents, take care of official procedures and conduct viewing appointments. Put your property in good hands and save effort and time.

If you sell your property together with us, you need to be present at the fewest appointments, but you can of course do so at any time. An inspection is usually carried out by the real estate agent alone and he will give you all the information afterwards. This allows you to decide for yourself which buyer to choose. The situation is different for notary appointments and contract signings: Here, your presence is required in any case. However, we will be happy to accompany you and support you with our expertise at any time.

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