Real estate maintenance – what you need to pay attention to

As a property owner, you want to make sure your property is in good shape for the long term. For this, continuous care is essential. We explain what is important in property maintenance, so that you can enjoy for a long time and at the lowest possible cost.

Nothing lasts forever

First of all, it is important to know that components have a certain service life, after which they must be replaced. How long they last depends on the material, wear and maintenance. As a rule, roof tiles last about 50 years, a heating system 20 to 25 years, the facade about 40 years and windows and doors 30 years. As with many things, quality plays a decisive role. So don’t save at the wrong end.

Care is what counts

It should be self-evident that you maintain and clean the inside of your property. In addition, there are many areas that require special care:

  • Windows and glass facades: Not only cleaning the windows, but also maintaining the glass surfaces and window sills protects them from the weather and prolongs their life. Thus, the seals also remain flexible and reliably insulate your object.
  • Facade: Regular cleaning maintains the substance of the building. Depending on the material, there are different peculiarities that you should pay attention to: Stone, for example, should be cleaned differently than wood.
  • Awnings and blinds: the special material requires textile cleaning for maintenance. Due to the constant movement, the material is heavily stressed and should therefore be maintained regularly.
  • Basement: As the foundation of the house, the basement is important, even if it is not used as living space. Moisture is a bad sign, regular ventilation prevents mold. Again, watch for cracks in the ceiling or walls and have them repaired early.
  • Garden: Here also count the terrace and balcony. If you turn off your water lines outside in the winter, check them thoroughly and flush them before you reuse them in the spring. In the garden, also pay attention to trees: rotten wood can become a hazard during the next storm.

For exterior building maintenance, it may be worth hiring a professional who knows the idiosyncrasies of different materials. The latter uses appropriate cleaning agents and professional equipment.

Caution is better than indulgence

Repairs correct defects before they lead to expensive consequential damage. If you take care of your property regularly, you’ll notice changes before it’s too late. This way you avoid unnecessary costs. A property is a long-term capital investment, so you should maintain it conscientiously.

We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN help you to find your dream property, from which you will profit for a long time with our tips. Contact us via our contact form.

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