Important autumn tips for owners

Cold, moisture, snow, ice, storm and frost - a real challenge not only for us humans, but also for the property. When autumn comes, the right precautions must be taken. We have put together a few tips for you so that your house will "look good" next spring and will not have suffered any damage.

Chimney and roof

Heavy rain and creeping damp: inspect your home’s roof for leaks and loose tiles, and everything will stay dry when the weather turns bad. You can fix tiles with so-called storm clips to arm your roof against storm damage. Also check your chimney for weak spots. Because as soon as the frost comes, seepage moisture can enlarge existing cracks


To stay comfortable in the house in wind and weather, owners should check their heating system before the heating season begins. If a radiator needs to be vented, this is noticeable by gurgling noises. To remedy the situation, all you need is a small square wrench with which you open the bleed valve until first the air and then water comes out. Hold a rag under the valve, as the water from the radiator is often dirty. Heat all rooms to at least 21 degrees and do not turn off the heating at night.

Rain gutters and pipes

Homeowners should remove leaves, moss and slush from gutters before pipes become clogged and overflow uncontrollably. Otherwise, serious water damage and even cracks in the wall of the house may occur. The cleaned pipes and gutters can be checked for leaks and repaired if necessary.

Outdoor area

According to the traffic safety obligation, paths and sidewalks in front of the front door must be regularly cleared of leaves and weeds to prevent accidents. Also watch out for rotten branches that can damage the house or injure people during storms. And very important: turn off all water pipes that lead outside, so that they do not freeze or even burst in severe frost.


Now is also high time to cut back shrubs and perennials, cover beds with fir branches or bark mulch, overwinter potted plants in a cool place at no more than 10 degrees Celsius, bring in bulbs that are not hardy and put bulbs in the ground for next spring.

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