Sales strategies for real estate in Hamburg: How do I sell my property successfully?

Real estate in Hamburg is in high demand - no question about it. Still, a house doesn't just sell itself. Marketing requires a lot of preparation and expertise. In this article, we reveal valuable tips on what you should pay attention to as an owner, so that you can successfully sell your property in the Hanseatic city.

Prepare yourself optimally

Before you start marketing, you will need a variety of documents, such as an energy certificate, an extract from the land register and a real estate map. If important documents are missing, your sale will be unnecessarily protracted. Create a checklist in advance to stay on top of things.

Realistic price as a prerequisite

The price at which you offer your property is a decisive factor in your success. Setting the costs high on purpose and reducing them after a certain period of time is not a recommended strategy. Prospective buyers usually notice the price reduction quickly and then react particularly skeptically. In addition, the longer the ad is in the real estate portals, the less attractive your property looks. Instead, determine the actual value of your home from the start, and your chances of selling increase. We are happy to support you with a professional real estate valuation.

Convince with a high-quality exposé

Every successful sale begins with a convincing exposé. With this you show your property from the best side and inform prospective buyers about the sale. Take the opportunity! Take high-quality photos and write meaningful texts highlighting the unique selling points. In this way, you provide prospective buyers with numerous reasons to buy your property at first glance.

Your exposé can look as beautiful as you want – if you place it on the wrong pages, hardly any interested parties will contact you. Define your target audience in advance. Are buyers more likely to read newspapers or search for homes on the Internet? A combination is particularly worthwhile. Rely on reputable online portals with a wide reach.

Mastering price negotiations with confidence

Be prepared for buyers to want to negotiate the price down. Decide early on what price you will not go below under any circumstances and stick to it. Prepare arguments that you can use in the conversation, such as the particularly good location, accessibility or recent modernizations.

Sell successfully in Hamburg

Selling real estate is not an easy task. If you decide to work with a broker, you can sit back and relax. Since 1992, we at WEISS IMMOBILIEN have been assisting owners in Hamburg and know the regional real estate market like no other. We take over all tasks and develop individual marketing strategies. Arrange a no-obligation consultation now and benefit from our expertise.

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