How to live sustainably and ecologically

Due to climate change, the topics of sustainability and ecology are becoming increasingly important. Every individual can contribute to protecting the environment - it starts in their own four walls. Are you wondering how sustainable living works and what to look out for? You can find the answers in this article.

Build ecologically

If you are planning a new building, you should use ecological building materials that are made from natural and renewable raw materials. These include, for example, wood, clay, cork, natural stone, brick or clay. Especially clay convinces with high energy efficiency. It stores heat and insulates the property. But beware: just because building products are classified as ecological, this does not mean that they also excel in sustainability. Pay attention to the country the fabrics come from and whether the product has an approved label such as the Blue Angel.

Sustainable furnishings

If you want to live as environmentally friendly as possible, second-hand furniture is suitable. Restore old furniture is usually more ecological than buying new. Alternatively, you should buy high-quality furniture, which in the best case will last a lifetime. Look for wood from regional and responsible forestry. You can recognize this by ecological seals such as FSC, PEFC or Naturland. In addition, choose textiles made from organically grown natural materials such as organic cotton, linen or sheep and alpaca wool.

Save electricity and heat consciously

With the help of renovation and modernization measures, you can retrofit your existing property in a sustainable manner. For example, if you integrate heat pump heating and a solar thermal system, you can already save up to 30 percent of the heating required – and you can do it with the energy of the sun. Photovoltaic systems also use the sun’s rays to generate electricity. If you also insulate the facade or roof of your property, you will significantly reduce energy loss.

It’s the little things

Think sustainable living requires a lot of money? That is not so true. Even with small smarthome apps for lamps with motion detectors, you can save energy and protect the environment. Also, by using biodegradable cleaning products, you reduce your ecological footprint and live sustainably.

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