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Tackle it early.

The fact that we get a little older with every birthday is no surprise. Nevertheless, it hits many people unprepared when the day suddenly comes when they can no longer climb the stairs independently. An unforeseen illness or an unfortunate fall and the shower tray with the high entry becomes a problem. We have some advice for you so that you can look forward to your residential future in a relaxed manner and also feel comfortable in your property in the long term.

If you really want to enjoy your retirement, you should think about your future living situation in good time. Retirement home, age-appropriate conversion or still a new property – there are many options, but you need to decide which of them suits you best personally as well as financially and prepare yourself accordingly. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of an expert. We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will be happy to assist you and plan your further course of action together with you. Thanks to our experience and numerous connections in Hamburg and the surrounding area, we can also help you with the implementation afterwards.

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How do you envision your future?

Many people still live in the same property in their old age where you started a family and raised your children. But once they are out of the house, there is a lot of space left that is not used and still generates costs. In addition, hurdles such as stairs do not get lower with time and eventually become insurmountable. A smaller, barrier-free apartment or bungalow is often a better alternative. A high-performance real estate partner is the best place to go in this case. We not only take over the search for a suitable property, but also broker your old property, ensuring that you get more out of your well-earned retirement.

If you would like to remain in your familiar surroundings, an age-appropriate conversion is an option for suitable properties. As an established and networked broker, we will be happy to advise you on this topic and refer you to our reliable partners.

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Finally, a move you can look forward to.

We know how much work a move causes. To help you prepare for the next phase of your life in your new property, we offer you support with our senior citizen service. After you have found a suitable property and decided to buy it from WEISS IMMOBILIEN, we will coordinate everything necessary with offices as well as utilities and organize the move so that you can enjoy your retirement. Do you still have questions or would you like us to advise you at your leisure? Then use our contact form or call us.

Frequently asked questions about living in old age

Age-appropriate living combines accessibility, burglary protection and living comfort. Your living space should be accessible and habitable without assistance. To do this, it should be adapted to physical limitations in old age, which reduces the risk of accidents, provides more freedom and relieves the burden of maintaining the property.

If your own property becomes too large in old age or the amount of work required to maintain it is difficult to manage, there are various options available to you. If you would like to continue to occupy your property yourself, a conversion can provide greater accessibility and make your everyday life easier. In some cases, it makes sense to divide the property into several residential parties. This allows unused living space to be rented out and supports you with monthly income. If these options are not a suitable solution, a sale should be considered.

An age-appropriate conversion can bring many advantages: You can continue to stay in your familiar living environment and enjoy greater living comfort thanks to accessibility. Nevertheless, a conversion is not always the right solution – for example, if the conversion measures exceed your financial budget. Also, keep in mind that other factors such as quick and easy access to supermarkets, doctors, friends and family also play an important role in the decision-making process.

If you sell your property, the profit can serve as a financial basis to purchase a home suitable for the elderly. At the same time, you free yourself from all the burdens and tasks associated with the property. When renting, you benefit from monthly income or can remain living in your own property as part of a partial rental. However, you must perform all the duties of a landlord. We will be happy to advise you on your options and find a suitable solution that you will be satisfied with in the long term.

Unfortunately, many owners take care of a senior-friendly living environment much too late. When their life situation changes because of a sudden illness or accident, they are forced to act quickly and sometimes hastily. Often an ideal solution adapted to their wishes is then difficult to implement. Prepare early for age-friendly living – as this will ensure that you are comfortable with your living environment in your twilight years.

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