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Cooperation with a broker: We clarify all important issues.
Immobilien am Flussufer in Hamburg

As a broker at your side.

You want to sell your house in Hamburg? Or are you looking for your dream apartment? Whether you’re marketing or looking for a home, working with a broker will greatly increase your chances of success. Wondering if it’s worth the investment? We enlighten you.

These advantages speak for a broker.

People who start their real estate sale on their own usually quickly realize that they have bitten off more than they can chew. This already starts with the real estate valuation, where you have to offset numerous factors against each other. A price that is too high or too low will lead to complications. With a broker like us, this won’t happen to you. We appraise your house, analyze the market situation and determine a realistic property value.

It is also worthwhile to rely on an expert in the further course. Because while you are still thinking about the right sales tactics, we already present a sophisticated marketing concept that will immediately convince your target group. With professional photos, drone shots, 360-degree tours and elaborate video productions, we skillfully put your property in the limelight and shorten the sales period many times over.

What documents do I need for my sale?

How do I protect myself from dubious buyers?

Most salespeople face these challenges and more. With a real estate agent, all these questions are a thing of the past, because we procure relevant documents, organize viewings and, in the end, ensure a secure and successful conclusion of the sale. Good to know: Many prospective buyers do not want to take any risks and only buy through a reputable broker. For this reason alone, it is worth hiring an expert.

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With a broker to the dream property.

Even if you are looking for your own home, you will benefit from us as a broker. We learn about new properties at an early stage and inform you even before the official publication. In addition, we always recommend the right contact person. Whether it’s a financial advisor, architect, gardener or craftsman: with us at your side, you have access to a long-established network and enjoy first-class service.

How to find a reputable broker.

There are numerous reasons for hiring a broker – as long as he works professionally. First, ask family members and friends if anyone can recommend a reputable broker. Also, do your research online and compare reviews. First and foremost, check the homepage: Does it look outdated, does it contain errors or blurry photos? Then you should keep your distance. Be sure to pay attention to the broker’s qualifications. If he can show various qualifications, this speaks for his competence. A reliable broker is also easily accessible, takes sufficient time for your concerns and advises you transparently.

The brokerage costs pay off.

The law on the distribution of brokerage costs regulates in the residential sector that the person who hires the broker bears at least 50 percent of the costs. In the case of rental apartments, the client pays the full brokerage fee. Many owners and prospective buyers balk at these costs. We can take away your worries because the commission definitely pays off. During marketing, you will save not only effort, but also costs that happen due to wrong decisions without the help of an expert. In addition, we get the best out of your property and thus increase the sales price.

That is why you should not hire several brokers at the same time.

Wondering if you should hire multiple brokers at once to benefit from double the service? This is not recommended, because do not award a sole contract, partially reduces the commitment of the broker. In addition, duplicate ads leave a negative impression and alienate prospective customers. With a sole source order, on the other hand, you can count on maximum quality and professionalism.

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Benefit from our expertise.

A broker like us at WEISS IMMOBILIEN has many years of experience and offers you extensive expertise. You will not only benefit from our expertise in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, but can also rely on us in Spain, Croatia and Dubai. Please feel free to arrange a consultation and see for yourself.

We accompany them through the process

1. sales preparation
  • Carrying out a professional real estate valuation
  • Procurement and preparation of all documents
  • Comprehensive advice regarding construction and contract law
  • Expert mediation of declutterers, photographers and homestagers
2. sales phase
  • Determination of the target group of buyers
  • Creation of a meaningful exposé
  • Development and implementation of the marketing strategy
  • Monitoring and reporting on sales activities
  • Making a pre-selection with regard to potential buyers
  • Organization and implementation of the tours
  • Negotiation
3. sales closure
  • Conscientious examination of the buyer’s creditworthiness
  • Preparation of the purchase contract with the notary’s office
  • Presence at the subsequent notarization
  • Implementation of a smooth object handover
  • Final support after conclusion of the contract

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