Real Estate Market Croatia – Advantages for Investors

Would you like to find out more about the Croatian real estate market and wonder what advantages you have as an investor in this context? We clarify the most important questions for you and tell you why the decision for a property in Croatia is worthwhile for you.

A property in Croatia: Your advantages as an investor

Whether you are tempted by the idea of living in a vacation home in Croatia yourself or you are planning to buy a property in the vacation region to rent out to holidaymakers – summer, sun, beach and sea are just some of the benefits that await you when you buy a house or apartment in Croatia.

1. the real estate market records a positive development

In recent years, the Croatian real estate market has shown a positive development, which makes the vacation destination Croatia more and more interesting also for capital investors. Price-wise constant and favorable compared to other vacation countries, Croatian real estate is a good investment for new investors.

2. specialized real estate agents know about the advantages of Croatia

As specialized real estate agents, we at WEISS IMMOBILIEN understand how to find your desired dream property on the Adriatic coast. Depending on whether you want a house in a quiet village or an apartment in a busy tourist resort, we will arrange the search for a suitable property, the price processing and the sales arrangement according to your personal ideas.

3. croatia more and more popular as a vacation destination

Industry insiders have known it for a long time: Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation destination. In addition to sun, beach and sea, the cultural capital of Zagreb or the coastal city of Dubrovnik, steeped in history, attract many tourists every year. Reasons enough for investors to look for a property that they can use as a second home in the low season and rent out to vacationers in the high season.

4. demand for vacation accommodation in Croatia is increasing

Far away from package vacations, individual trips are becoming more and more attractive for tourists. This includes renting a vacation accommodation where you can spend a relaxing vacation. As an investor, you can seize this opportunity by purchasing a property in Croatia and be well prepared for the increasing demand for affordable vacation properties on the Adriatic Mediterranean coast.

5. real estate renting made easy

Since Croatia’s accession to the EU in 2013, Europeans in Croatia have the same rights as locals. Conversely, this means that since then it has also been possible for private individuals from other European countries to purchase a property in Croatia and sublet it to tourists. For successful marketing, both the location, accessibility, amenities and surroundings of the property play an essential role.

Would you like support in finding a suitable property in Croatia or would you like to learn more about the Croatian real estate market? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your new dream property and help you with our experience and expertise.

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