Real estate and ESG – what you should know

Everyone is talking about sustainability and environmental protection. Considering that buildings account for a large share of final energy consumption and CO2 emissions, challenges arise especially for the real estate industry. The so-called ESG criteria represent one approach to a solution. We explain what is meant by them and how they contribute to greater sustainability.

What are the ESG criteria?

ESG is the abbreviation for Environment, Social and Governance. The three criteria have established themselves as the standard for sustainable investments and define the areas of responsibility of companies for a more sustainable future. Investors, developers and real estate companies that follow them make a significant contribution to a climate-friendly and ethically correct real estate industry. This is what the criteria include in detail:

  • E for Environment: This aspect refers to the climate neutrality of a property. Were resources conserved and natural habitats preserved during construction? What energy efficiency class does the house meet?
  • S for Social: This factor includes fair working conditions, fair compensation for employees, diversity, social commitment, and health and occupational safety.
  • G for governance (corporate management): This is about sustainable corporate governance that acts transparently and is not corrupt. It also includes areas such as risk and reputation management as well as management and control processes.

Since March 2021, players in the real estate industry have been required under the so-called Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation to disclose the extent to which they integrate sustainability factors into their operations.

This is why the ESG criteria are important for you

Even though ESG factors mainly affect large companies, as a (future) owner you can do your part to protect the environment and contribute to a more sustainable economy. Consider the three factors as a measure when hiring a developer, for example. Also, be sure to use ecological building materials and climate-conscious waste management when building your home. If you rent a property to a company, you should choose a company that operates according to ESG standards.

However, the ESG criteria do not only play an important role for your new building. Existing properties can also be sustainably retrofitted. We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN will be happy to advise you on how to reduce your ecological footprint and support you in an energetic refurbishment. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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