Is the investment of a vacation property worth it?

Who does not dream of their own four walls in a paradisiacal place? Never again fully booked hotels, instead sun, sea and relaxation as often as you like. The advantages are obvious: you can design the property exactly according to your own ideas, you are not dependent on seasonal prices and you can go on vacation spontaneously at any time. In addition, you will get to know the local culture in a completely different way than a normal vacation visitor. However, investing in your own property is only financially worthwhile if the purchase is well considered. We explain what you should look out for.

Find your paradise

Set your budget carefully beforehand and get advice on your financing options. Also, think about where you prefer to vacation, because you will be strongly tied to that place as a vacation destination in the future by buying a property. So if you like to vacation by the sea, a property in the mountains is probably not for you.

Benefit financially

A vacation property is worthwhile as an investment especially if you rent it out while you are not using it yourself. Therefore, when choosing, you should make sure that your property is located in a place that is attractive to tourists – preferably all year round. As with any real estate investment, the local real estate market must be considered. Many agents specialize in vacation properties and can advise you on price trends. If you make a good choice and your property is frequently rented, this will generate good income. Get an idea of the competitive situation on site and calculate reasonable rental prices.

Arrive and feel good

Another point that plays a role in your success is the furnishing of the property. Not only you yourself should feel comfortable, but also your future guests. Think about what visitors value, such as a hairdryer in the bathroom or a microwave in the kitchen. Families with small children will be happy to have a high chair. Especially attractive are features such as sauna, pool or fireplace. Many vacationers filter accommodations during their search according to exactly these criteria. With some thoughtful decisions, you as a landlord will benefit from your purchases in the long run, because satisfied guests will be happy to return and recommend your vacation property to family and friends.

Use professional support

It is not only the selection of a suitable property that is difficult if you are not familiar with the local real estate market. Also the organization of the renting is from the distance away alone hardly to master. That’s why we at WEISS IMMOBILIEN are happy to help you find your perfect vacation property on the Costa Blanca, in Barcelona, Marbella or on Ibiza, Mallorca or Tenerife. Feel free to write us a message or give us a call. Find your paradise with us.

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