How to realize low budget renovations

Selling your own property at the ideal price: Every owner dreams of this. In doing so, you have the increase in value in your own hands - and you don't even need a lot of money to do it. We explain in our video how you can achieve great things even with a small budget.

Detect and repair defects

First, you should take a close look at your property and make an inventory: What is the condition of the floor? Do the walls and wallpaper appear flawless or are stains and cracks starting to show? With a new coat of paint and a new floor, you will create a harmonious image and a feel-good atmosphere.

Your real wood floor has lost its luster over the years? By sanding and resealing, you will bring back the shine and attractive effect of the parquet, giving the room a warm and natural touch. This will convince prospective customers right from the start.

Cleaning and maintenance of the property

The first impression counts. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the cleanliness of your property, as dirt deposits and dark joints quickly attract the negative attention of prospective buyers. In some cases, it’s worth hiring a cleaning company to polish your home with professional cleaning equipment and supplies.

Also, do not forget about the outdoor area. A front yard overrun with weeds and patio slabs that have moss growing on them will reduce the value of your property. Therefore, take care of your garden and other outdoor facilities. This makes your property a convincing overall package.

Present your property in the best light

If you are about to sell your property, you should always consider measures to increase its value. With a first-class appearance of your house you will not only achieve a higher price, but also accelerate the sale.

Want to learn more about how to cost-effectively showcase your property? We at WEISS IMMOBILIEN are your real estate experts in Hamburg and know exactly what matters. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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