Heat wave: 5 tips to cool down house or apartment

The higher the outside temperatures rise in summer and the longer the heat wave lasts, the more the house or apartment heats up. This is especially true for poorly insulated roofs, southern exposures and attics.

1. darken or cover windows during the day

The south shows us how it’s done: Awnings, blinds and curtains are closed during the bright, hot hours to let in as little sunlight as possible. When the light passes through the pane, the energy is converted into heat. During the day on hot days should therefore be darkened, especially the southern locations.

The most effective are shutters, because the light really stays outside and does not catch inside between the pane and the curtain. Those who do not have shutters, should at least use silver blinds that reflect sunlight.

2. properly ventilate in the morning and evening

When the air is coolest, it is allowed in, otherwise it consistently stays out. In the early morning and late evening is the best time for ventilation. But please do it right: only with as many wide-open windows as possible, the warm air can escape. Wait until you feel the draft and perceive the difference in temperature. At night, it is best to sleep with the window open with insect screens.

3. reduce heat sources

Limit the use of computers, televisions, hot plates, ovens, washers, dryers, lights, or other electrical appliances to produce less heat inside the house or apartment. You can switch off unused devices completely, because even stand-by operation still radiates heat.

4. fans do a good job

Fans don’t cool the air, but they do mix the air in the room better, and just sensing a draft helps combat the heat. Mobile coolers actually cool the air, but they consume a lot of electricity and are not cheap.

5. hang damp cloths in front of the windows

Even if it sounds strange and looks a bit weird, damp cloths in front of the windows noticeably cool the air in the room. However, you should make sure that the moist air can escape. So make sure there is some draft, otherwise it will be too humid in the room.

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