Exclusive living on the Elbe

This is how exclusive living is in Blankenese, Nienstedten, Sühldorf, Groß Flottbek and Othmarschen.
Eigentumswohnungen in Hamburg

Noble villas directly on the water.

With a home of your own in Blankenese, Nienstedten or Othmarschen, you can enjoy a dreamlike view of the Elbe River, on which sailboats and ships pass by in the direction of the harbor or the North Sea. WEISS IMMOBILIEN is your expert for the Elbe suburbs and enables you to have a successful real estate business in Hamburg’s most exclusive districts.

Blankenese is not for nothing one of the most attractive districts of Hamburg. The white facades of the luxury properties can be seen from afar. Here you will marvel at one villa after another – and right on the Elbe. The neighboring towns of Nienstedten and Othmarschen are in no way inferior. Historic properties from different eras, extensive gardens and idyllic parks characterize the cityscape and enchant visitors from near and far. In Othmarschen and Rissen you can enjoy white sandy beaches, which are popular destinations especially in the summer months.

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Groß Flottbek: A place straight out of a picture book.

A few minutes from the Elbe lies Groß Flottbek, which with its numerous English gardens, huge trees, Frisian houses and old Art Nouveau villas makes for a particularly romantic and idyllic atmosphere. As in the other Elbe suburbs, you will find first-class educational institutions, numerous sports clubs and green spaces such as Beseler Park, the Botanical Garden or Cranach Park. Especially as a family with children you will get your money’s worth in Groß Flottbek.

The trendy Ottensen district.

But the Elbe suburbs offer even more than magnificent villas. East of Othmarschen in the district of Altona is Ottensen, which is also known as little Paris and is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Hamburg. In particular, the varied shopping, restaurants and bars, as well as the picturesque old building architecture that you will find throughout Ottensen, enjoy great popularity and fill the streets with life.

Fassade in Blankenese

We are your expert for real estate on the Elbe.

The districts on the Elbe offer enormous diversity. Regardless of whether you would like to fulfill your wish for an old building apartment in Blankenese, dream of a single-family home in Groß Flottbek or are looking for a half-timbered house in the equestrian paradise of Sülldorf - WEISS IMMOBILIEN is there for you. Browse through our offers in Hamburg or contact us with your search request. We are also happy to receive your inquiry if you would like to sell your property in Hamburg together with us.
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